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free Summer programs
for high school Juniors

Apply to the following programs during your junior year. They will take place during the summer before senior year.


seven-week college prep program at Princeton University for low-income students

Princeton Journalism Program

ten-day program for students interested in writing or journalism


six-day program in Washington D.C. for students interested in journalism, photography, or broadcast.


six-week academic program at MIT for science and engineering students

UT-Austin My Introduction to Engineering Enrichment Program

five-day academic program for engineering students

UT-Austin Subiendo Academy

five-day leadership program that teaches students to address educational, business, and political challenges

UT-Austin McCombs Summer Programs for Business

six-day programs for business students interested in accounting or executive leadership

Texas Tech Camp L.E.A.D.

four-day leadership program that teaches students teamwork and interpersonal skills

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