Applying to College

You've worked hard for years, and now it's time to reach the next stage in your life path. Let's break down the college application process.

Students will use the Apply Texas application for Texas public colleges and universities. The Common Application will be used to apply to most out-of-state universities, including a handful of Texas schools like Rice University.

Automatic Admission

Texas public universities follow the state's automatic admission policy. Depending on your class rank, you can be automatically admitted to a public university given you submit your completed application on time.

Although ranking in the top 10% of your class generally guarantees your admission, some universities vary. For example, UTSA has a top 25% rule while UT-Austin has top 6%.


Transcripts, test scores, and essays are common requirements across all applications.

If your high school or university does not grant fee waivers, you must pay an application fee.

Letters of recommendation are often optional at Texas public universities, but required for most schools on the Common Application. Certain scholarship programs at Texas public

universities may require letters of recommendation.  |  Tel: 956-533-6156 

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