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Public Speaking: The Mark Of A Leader

What do virtually all leaders have in common? Their ability to communicate, especially verbally. Whether it's delivering a class presentation or explaining your organization's vision, your public speaking skills will be crucial after high school.

Where to begin? Observing exceptional speakers will teach you which speaking qualities should be emulated.

Improving Your Public Speaking

Reflective practice is the best strategy to improve your speaking. Yes, practice often - but also reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your pitch, your body language, and your eye contact. To begin, get rid of jitters to clear your mind.

Next, practice a short, 30-second speech in which you focus on the enunciation and flow of your words.

When you're ready to present in front of others, keep in mind your struggles. Is it difficult to speak and look at the audience at the same time? Do you lose track of your speech's structure? Does your body move around too much? Once you identify areas in need of improvement, your reflective practice has begun.

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