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Applying to College Early

There are different pathways you can take while applying to college.

Every college has a standard deadline,

and there are over 400 colleges with an early action or early decision plan.

Applying early does not always increase your chance of admission, but getting accepted early always ensures you will have more time to dedicate to the college transition process like researching housing options and reaching out to prospective mentors.

What is Regular Decision?

The standard deadline for applying to a university. Most Texas public universities have a December 1st deadline. Many out-of-state universities have a December 31st or January 1st deadline.

What is Early Action?

The application process that allows you to apply to multiple universities early, usually in November, and acceptances are non-binding.

What is Early Decision?

Similar to early action, except you can only apply early to one university and acceptances are usually binding.

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