Free application for Federal student aid

Based on factors such as your family's income and size, the FAFSA will determine how many grants and loans you will receive from the federal government. The FAFSA is open to seniors in October.

fafsa4 caster

Estimating pell grant eligibility

Fill out the FAFSA4Caster, a simplified financial aid calculator, to determine whether you qualify for the Pell Grant. Many scholarships require applicants to be "Pell Grant eligible," meaning you must receive at least $1 from the Pell Grant to apply. If you need to know your eligibility before you've completed your FAFSA, the FAFSA4Caster is a useful tool.

CSS Profile

Non-federal aid

In addition to the FAFSA, over 400 colleges and universities require the CSS Profile, which requests additional financial information so an institution can award non-federal aid. Seven Texas universities use the CSS Profile, including Baylor University, Rice University, and St. Edward's University.

While the CSS Profile is not free, it offers fee waivers for low-income students.



Non-citizens and foreign students can classify themselves as Texas residents to receive state financial aid. DACA students in Texas should submit the TASFA.

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