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Thomas Ray Garcia

Executive Director

Princeton University '16 (B.A.)

University of California - Los Angeles '20 (M.A.)

Thomas Ray Garcia is a writer, educator, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of CSLAP and has over 10 years of college access experience.


Isaac Bailon-Martinez

Board of Directors

University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley '16

Isaac Bailon-Martinez has entered his medical school residency program at Sam Houston State University. He is formerly a public health and prevention specialist at the Texas Department of State Health Services, where he specialized in in HIV prevention.


Executive Board and Board of Directors

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Cristian Mercado

Board of Directors

University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley '19

Cristian Mercado is a biomedical lab specialist and former leader at United for College Success at South Texas College. He has conducted research on diabetic retinopathy at UTRGV and interned at DHR Health Institute.

Ben Garza

Board of Directors

Texas A&M University - College Station '21

Benito Garza is an investment banking analyst at Bank of America. He is the founder of the Hispanic Business Scholars Network and is a Forbes Under 30 Scholar.


Advisory Committee


Matt Eventoff

Advisory Committee

University of Maryland College Park (B.A.)

University of Pennsylvania (M.A.)

Matt Eventoff is the owner of Princeton Public Speaking and the founder of The Oratory Project. He is an executive communication and messaging strategist.


Aurelio Montemayor

Advisory Committee

St. Edward's University (B.A.)

Antioch Graduate School of Education, Ohio (M.Ed.)

Aurelio Montemayor is a senior education associate and lead trainer at IDRA. He is a former high school teacher and he continues to serve as an educator and an activist.

Nick Slack Photo.gif

Nick Slack

Advisory Committee

University of Akron (B.A.)

University of Pennsylvania (M.S.)

Nick Slack is an executive leader in the life sciences industry.

He formerly served as the President for WCG Clinical.

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