Finding The Right Fit

While applying to college, finding the right fit can seem daunting.

There are numerous factors, ranging from geographical location to

financial aid, that can influence your application cycle.

Use the Big Future tool to filter colleges and universities according

to your priorities. Managed by the College Board, the tool requires

your AP or SAT log-in information.


Top Reasons To Choose A College

What are some of the factors that you should keep in mind? Financial aid grants, academic offerings, location, school size, faculty-to-student ratio, retention rate, and professional development opportunities are all important, but priorities will vary.

One under-looked factor is whether the university is public or private. While public universities offer more majors, private universities like Princeton University cover the entire cost of attendance for low-income students.


Free Fly-in Programs

Interested in visiting a university before applying? Apply to free fly-in programs to receive transportation and lodging for

out-of-state college tours. Apply early!

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